Jailbreaking WordPress: That’s what you’re supposed to do

You know the short kid who grew up to be tall? You know, the dude everyone still sees as short even though he now towers above all of his friends? That kid has a perception problem and that’s exactly what WordPress is struggling with right now. We’d like to break down that barrier.

WordPress is open-source. It’s lightweight. It’s extensible. It’s got a solid community backing it. It’s been a valid CMS for years. But we still want to jailbreak the perception it’s just blogging software. Cause we’re tough like that.

In this session we’ll talk about the techniques you can use to morph WordPress into just about anything. We’ll look at how blogs have evolved, compare WordPress to other content management systems, explore the ubiquitousness of WordPress, and show examples of uncommon instances of WordPress.

Three key takeaways:

  • The death of WordPress as blog-only software
  • Tips for getting started with your next WordPress site
  • How to make WordPress work for your business

Speaker: Alisa Herr
Track: Power Users